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“To have a person there for you is HUGE. We want to be HUGE for you. Just Ask!”

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The most important part of the client/advisor relationship is just that… the relationship. Our team cares about their reputations, their families and providing great financial services for you and your family.

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Our Team

“To have a person there for you is HUGE. We want to be HUGE for you. Just Ask!”

Greg McIntyre, JD, MBA
VA Certified & Elder Law Attorney

As an estate planning and elder law attorney, Greg has found that the synergy between the legal side and financial side of planning is crucial. Greg started McIntyre Financial to assist clients in achieving their goals and protecting themselves both legally and financially. Greg McIntyre lives with his wife, Stefanie, and their 6 children. Greg initially became a lawyer to fight courtroom battles which he did for years. However, after working in an environment where the focus was always on the next billable hour, he started McIntyre Elder Law practice because he was interested in being more than just a lawyer. Greg was interested in making a difference in his clients’ lives.

Being a husband and a father taught Greg what was really important in life. Greg takes pride in building trust with his clients and feels they share the same values. Greg strives to help others leave a legacy to be preserved and to have a guiding hand in shaping their families’ lives.

Memberships and Associations
Greg is a veteran of the United State’s Navy and a member of the North Carolina State Bar Association. He is a member of ElderCounsel, a national network focused specifically on estate planning & wealth preservation

Ryan Begley
Benefits Specialist

Ryan Begley is our Benefits Specialist, trained to identify the perfect solution for your financial needs. Mr. Begley moved to Hendersonville North Carolina 12 years ago with his wife Taylor Begley. He got his start by advancing quickly in the retail industry, rising to management in just two short years. Ryan felt the call, as many young men do, to put his life on the line to serve his community by becoming a law enforcement officer. Through his work as a police officer, Ryan saw the importance of having life insurance and planning for the future. Despite his love for policing, Ryan decided that he could best help others by protecting their assets and growing their wealth.

Ryan is licensed in Life, Health and Sickness, Medicare supplement and Long Term Care. As an expert in high stress situations, he understands the difficulties that life throws at his clients. Ryan is an avid gym goer, a love of his family and pets ( 5 weiner dogs) and prides himself on providing his clients with unparalleled service and dedication.

Brenton S. Begley, JD, LLM

Brenton S. Begley, JD, LLM Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney Brenton Begley graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with his BA in Political Science. He earned his Juris Doctorate from Elon University School of Law in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he also earned awards in trial advocacy. During his time in law school, Mr. Begley served as a Law Clerk for the Honorable Judge Denning at the Wake County Family Court. Mr. Begley also received an LLM in Taxation from the prominent Levin College of Law at the University of Florida. Attorney Begley’s background and experience in taxation allows him to assist clients in planning for the future in a comprehensive and effective manner.

Memberships and Associations
Brenton is a member of the North Carolina State Bar Association. He is a member of ElderCounsel, a national network focused specifically on estate planning & wealth preservation.

Eric Baker, JD, MBA

Originally from High Point, North Carolina where he graduated from High Point Christian Academy, Eric Baker received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Roanoke College in Salem, VA. He earned both his Juris Doctorate and Master of Business Administration degrees from Elon University. Eric is a dedicated and passionate attorney who strives to protect the assets and legacies of his clients. In his spare time, Eric enjoys volunteering in the community, kayaking and hiking.

Taylor Shelton
Marketing Director

McIntyre Financial would like to introduce our Marketing Director, Taylor Shelton. Taylor has been with the firm for over 5 years and started as a Communication Specialist back in 2017. Taylor lives in Lincolnton, NC with her daughter, Olivia. Taylor oversees the Marketing department and collaborates with the attorneys/benefits specialist to expand business development and marketing effort! She also coordinates event planning and raises awareness to promote attendance.

Savannah Tucker
Regional Marketing Assistant

McIntyre Financial would like to introduce our Regional Marketing Assistant, Savannah Tucker. Savannah currently lives on a farm in Lawndale, NC with her dogs and horses. She assists in coordinating event planning and raising awareness to promote attendance. Savannah enjoys spending her spare time with friends, family, and her animals.

Hunter Hutchins
Communications Director

McIntyre Financial wants to introduce our Communications Director, Hunter Hutchins. Hunter is responsible for answering inbound phone calls for all our offices, making outbound phone calls and managing the calendars for each of our attorneys. In her spare time, Hunter enjoys hiking, and being with her family and friends. Hunter currently lives in Forest City, North Carolina.

Our Process

We DO NOT simply go through the motions and follow a formulaic method to investing and maximizing returns on your invested funds. We take an individual approach that takes into account your investing goals and legacy plan and craft an investment strategy tailor made for you. Check out our process below:

  1. Free Consultation: The client and advisor relationship is the most important part of the process. The free consultation is an opportunity for the client and advisor to find out if they are a good fit. Like any great relationship they must have a beginning. This is our beginning. Also like every great relationship there must be a give and take and mutual participation. During the initial consultation we will identify your goals and begin to form a plan to accomplish those goals.
  2. Identifying Client Goals: Client goals drive the entire process. In order to reach any destination one has to know where they’re going. Identifying goals allows clients and advisors to know where they are going. Whether it is saving for retirement, sending the kids to college, maximizing your retirement benefits, or sending the grandkids to college, we want to identify those goals and create a plan to achieve those goals.
  3. Identifying Obstacles: An often overlooked step in planning is identifying the obstacles that can impede the client from achieving their goals. These obstacles could be income, assets, regulations, tax issues, long-term care costs, etc. During this step in the process the advisor may find it necessary to involve other professionals such as estate planning or elder law attorneys and/or certified public accountants (CPAs).
  4. Presenting the Plan: Both advisor and client MUST agree on the strategy put in place to achieve the identified goals. Both advisor and client MUST understand the strategy and both commit to working together to implement the plan in order to achieve their goals.
  5. Legacy Planning: If your goals include leaving a legacy for loved ones and/or religious and/or charitable organizations then client and advisor will work on a strategy to make this happen. This part of the plan may involve not only financial planning but also legal planning as well. The advisor may recommend involving an estate panning or elder law attorney to help achieve these goals.
  6. Executing the Plan: The advisor will take the necessary steps to execute the plan by providing insurance, investing funds in various markets, and other means necessary to achieve the stated objectives.
  7. Reviews & Client Updates: Let’s stay on course.
    1. Required Annual Reviews: The advisor will meet with the client once per year to review the plan and progress towards achieving the stated goals. Goals and progress will be reviewed and any necessary changes to the strategy made. Any new obstacles to achieving goals will be identified and the strategy modified accordingly.
    2. Optional Periodic Reviews: Life happens along the way in between our annual reviews. The advisor and our firm are always available to answer questions and meet to discuss any developing issues.
    3. Client Portal: We provide an online client portal to allow clients real time access to their information at any time from anywhere.
    4. Monthly Statements: We send monthly statements by email and/or mail to our clients.