Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

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Tax Avoidance Series: Charitable Remainder Trusts

The tax code is full of rules to incentivize certain behaviors. One of the incentives…

ByByGreg ​McIntyreAug 23, 2022

A Quick Look into MCAs

Medicaid is a health insurance program for certain low-income and needy people paid with federal,…

ByByGreg ​McIntyreAug 15, 2022

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) is insurance that covers the gap in care that is…

ByByGreg ​McIntyreAug 9, 2022

Tax Avoidance Series: How to Avoid Estate/Gift Tax with Trusts and Annuities

The estate/gift tax is a tax based on the value of the assets an individual…

ByByGreg ​McIntyreAug 1, 2022

Avoid the Gift/Estate Tax with the Crummey Trust

The estate and gift tax work hand-in-hand. There is a set limit on the amount…

ByByGreg ​McIntyreJul 11, 2022

Avoid Estate Tax without Sacrificing the Step-up in Basis

The Estate Tax, also known as the “death tax,” is going to be a reality…

ByByGreg ​McIntyreJul 11, 2022

Traditional vs Roth IRA: Planning for Seniors

I received a lot of unsolicited advice throughout college and law school. Professors seem to…

ByByGreg ​McIntyreJul 7, 2022